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Announcing my hiatus

Guys, it’s been a crazy five years. I can’t believe what this little blog/webzine turned into and I will be forever grateful for all the love I’ve received because of it. So many musicians from so many different backgrounds and genres, I never imagined that I’d get this lucky.

The thing is, trying to balance the maintenance of this site has become progressively more difficult post-UCLA when I graduated in 2014. Between my work as a cybersecurity journalist and my new punk band Amherst Drive (which is getting awesome reception in the punk world), I simply don’t think I am able to do this anymore. At least for now.

So it is with a heavy heart that I announce the hiatus of MixolydianBlog. I will keep the site up and running so that all the work I’ve put into it doesn’t fade away, but there won’t be any new posts for quite some time.

I receive so many submissions of so much great music that I feel like I’m letting you down by doing this. Musicians who send me their music deserve to be heard, and you as a reader deserves to hear about it.

Nevertheless, I must do what is best for me at this point in my life. It is time to really push for the music career that I was born to do. Please follow me at or to see what I’m up to musically. Also feel free to check out to see my journalism in Information Security.

For now I say goodbye, but let’s call this a “goodbye for now” rather than a “goodbye forever.” Perhaps I will come back, I’d sure love to when my life allows for it, and when my passion perhaps returns strong enough to do it.

I love you all. Thank you for everything.



Album Review: “Over the Covers EP” by Brownout


Brownout is a band that demands your attention. The Latin funk group is a powerhouse in every section of their instrumentals and their vocals. The songs on Over the Covers are powerful and get you moving in a whole different gear. They have fantastic hooks that are placed over fantastic grooves and melodic lines in the various instrument sections (horns, percussion, bass etc.). The only bad thing about the EP is that it ends. You’ll dig this, I promise.


Album Review: “Araqsana EP” by Araqsana


The music of Araqsana is not for the faint of heart. The influences of Jazz Fusion, Hardcore Punk, Jam Bands, and Experimental Electronic music all create a sonic experience that is really for the initiated in the experimental instrumental world. In this EP, should you choose to experience it, you will find exceptional musicianship and expression. Sometimes the record sounds like a collision between Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa, atonal and passionately frantic. The harmonic and melodic complexity is a constant theme throughout the EP, and it is what drew me in.

Get the EP at

“Monday 1” by New Tendencies

Monday 1 is a track from New Tendencies’ album Missed Month that is for deep fans of electronic music that leans towards the avant-garde, as well as glitch. There is no defining melody, but rather a coalescence of various tones via modular synth over a malleable beat. I still think it is worth a listen if you are into more experimental sounds.



Album review: “321 Days” by a passage to the stars


Composer Ricardo Alves’ project a passage to the stars is a fantastic example of how melody is so diverse in ambient music. The sound effects and light percussive synth sounds only add to the complex yet approachable sound that Alves creates. 321 days is a continuation of what makes a passage to the stars great, and you see more exploration into rhythm, especially from what appear to be downtempo and trip-hop influences. It’s a great entry into the project’s discography.


“Flowers” by Alois

The soft and upbeat sound of Alois is perfect for summer. Such is the case with their newest single Flowers, which is an indie track that is sure to put you in a calm and happy mood. The melodic hooks are fantastic and the instrumentals are such a great compliment to the soft vocal delivery.

Album Review: “That Ship Is Still Waiting” by Aleksi Susi


I really love all types of electronic musician, it is only natural as a composer of the musical genre. Bands that really got me hooked on the genre come out of the 80s, especially groups like Depeche Mode and so on. In the resurgence of synth-based music I feel like there hasn’t been enough “80s electronic” style of bands. Scandinavian artist Aleksi Susi is an exception, as his EP That Ship is Still Waiting is overall a very 80s reminiscent album. The EP is 3 tracks, and the first two songs are really strong, driving tracks. The third track is less so, but that is just a matter of personal taste. I really enjoyed listening to That Ship Is Still Waiting and I think fans of new wave bands will as well.