music is life, music is breath, music is us


A Day Where Time Froze

9/11 was a day that changed the world, a day that time stood still. Out of the burning ashes that made smoke fill the Manhattan Skyline, the gaping crater in the Pentagon, and a burning field in Pennsylvania, the world saw a shift in history within hours. Out of the rubble came war, love, hate, inclusion, exclusion, violence, politics, truth, lies, healing, crying, faith, doubt, confusion, and enlightenment.  Every raw ounce of the human experience was tested in the moment of the attacks and the aftermath where we learned how much we need to learn about each other in order to coexist in peace. The smoke may be gone, but that event has left an indelible mark on those of us who were alive to remember it, and it still teaches us about what it truly means to be human. May we always remember to think and go where the lessons of 9/11 instruct us to go, and never forget those who took their final breaths in a fury of fire and debris. -Derek


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