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The Cult- “Rise”

The Cult is truly one of the best rock bands ever.

Composition Update

So, one thing that made me so busy was this composition I was working on for a Jimi Hendrix class I am taking. Once it is graded and everything I would love for you all to hear it.


Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere [Official video]

FNM is just, awesome.

Still goin’ with this book…

Intro and Chapter 1 rough draft are finished. What was I thinking starting this haha…


Okami Soundtrack – Reset (Thank you)

Continuing with video game music comes this one from Okami, in my opinion one of the most beautiful video games EVER created. If you haven’t played it, go now and buy it, seriously, you won’t regret it.


Violin Concerto Butterfly Lover 梁祝 Lu Si-qing

As I have spoken of in the past, the music of China has had a dramatic impact on me as a composer. Of all the songs to come from this nation, this is my favorite. The arrangement has been done in many different forms, but I like melody and harmony against the backdrop against the soaring instrumentation of the symphony orchestra. The first time I ever heard this piece, back in my freshman year of college, I cried. No joke, it brought that kind of emotion out of me. Enjoy.

Got a bit of blogging block…

Hey guys,

So, you may just see music for a little while here at Mixolydian. I’m out of ideas for articles, but I promise I’m trying to come up with some. Writing a book and being a student at UCLA is a bit, well, busy haha.