music is life, music is breath, music is us

Music: A Journey

Why do I love music?

Music is life. Music gives me hope. Music is the thing that makes me get out of bed. It is a strange phenomenon for sure, as music can be created anywhere. If you think about it, definitions of music vary by continent and region, but, every acoustic wave could in some way be considered music in the right context.

I really wonder if the first composers and musicians (because it is certain that as society developed, music did along with it) really knew what they were doing. I mean, how could they possibly have known that they were setting in motion something that would influence politics, religion, social function…the list is endless. These individuals, whoever they were, if they even had names, were forming something that would one day contain Beethoven, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis.

Music is not done progressing, however, as individuals on every part of this world are making music. With the advancement of technology (in turn a greater interconnectedness of humanity), we are able to share our creations with the Earth. Who knows what music will do next, what history will be written, and what lives will be changed.

Music is fascinating due to the fact that all are participants in it. Whether those individuals are the audience, performers, or composers, every aspect of society plays a roll in music. What other art can do that?

Where are we heading musically? Only life can tell us that, but I hope it is something good. I have faith that it is, and many generations in the future will continue to contribute to this worldwide phenomenon.



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