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fiN-“Twenty Three”

I’m posting these guys again because I’m still psyched that I interviewed the lead singer Luke Joyce. They will be huge, I know it.


Jesper Kyd-“Assassins Creed 1 [OST] #01 – City of Jerusalem”

Honestly one of the most beautiful video game tracks I have ever heard. There are classical, electronic, Near Eastern, and Gregorian influences in this song. And an instrument I play, the ‘ud, has a part in the song,see if you can guess the sound (hint: it is a lute).


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Hey guys,

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Gob is just a great punk band that flies under the radar. Not anymore.


Thomas Mapfumo-“Shumba”

Thomas Mapfumo is a cultural hero as well as a musical innovator. He was at one time imprisoned for protesting Zimbabwe’s then racist policies against black Zimbabweans, becoming a hero to the inclusion movement. He is also took the sound of the Mbira (Shona thumb piano), and translated it to the guitar. He is one of the most passionate performers from the African continent.


“Seeds We Sow”-Lindsey Buckingham

My mom introduced me to the music of Fleetwood Mac and the members’ solo works many years ago. I never looked back once hearing it.


“Main Theme”-MGS3 Snake Eater

The MGS series contains some of my all-time favorite musical themes for video games. This track, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams is a great example why.