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Music critics have always loved to hate Creed (like they hate Nickelback, who really don’t deserve the crap they get, I mean they aren’t my favorite but they get the concept of writing song hooks.). Say whatever you want, this rock music scholar thinks Creed kicks your ass. So crank it up or shut up.


Matthew Bigbee-“Navigating Shadows”

Matthew Bigbee-“Navigating Shadows”

Matt contacted me with new music of his and I loved it. Haunting and wonderful, you really need to listen.


Anti-Flag-“The Press Corpse”

For good measure, here’s some badass punks known as Anti-Flag


Jet-“She’s a Genius”

I have been a huge fan of Jet since my teen years, and I was super upset when they broke up in 2012. The music still kicks you in the gut, so we still have that.


Sam and Dave-“Soul Man”

Afternoon uplift, hey now!


Depeche Mode-“Shake the Disease”

What needs to be said?

Music, it is what it is

If you really think about it, music is an odd form of expression. At the same time, when people experience it, they experience emotions that are really more physical sensations. The hair on the back of their neck stands up. Their heart rate either slows or speeds up. Maybe they feel like punching someone (though this is usually reserved for the music of Justin Bieberererererererzzzzzzzzz).

In spite of all these things, I’ll be honest, somedays I really don’t like studying music. Lately, I’ve been exhausted, bored, and just flat-out irritated with it. The scientific aspect of music (i.e. the breaking down of music into sociology, theory, anthropology, and etc.), can sometimes ruin the magic. Even as a composer, sometimes the lack of notes on a page can drive me insane. I think music can be best described sometimes as a siren, a temptor that sings the gracious melodies, only to then leave you stranded on jagged rocks. 

So what is the burn-out to do? Give up? Certainly not. Even if it sucks, you just have to say “it is what it is.” Music can hate you, love you, betray you, and worship you, but ultimately your experience with it varies day-to-day. Somehow, you just figure it out. Somehow you figure out how to push through its temper-tantrums and find the calm of the storm, only to then be knocked off your feet by the violent winds of the notes. 

At the end of all things, you still realize that music is your best friend, your lover, and your support system. Music, when life fails you, finds your ashes scattered among the surf, and figures out how to resurrect you. Why do I do this music thing day in and day out? It is what it is.