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Metallica – Star Spangled Banner 2013 Giants vs Dodgers

Sometimes when musicians do the National Anthem of the USA it can get a bit overindulgent. I swear though, this is clean and soaring. Fuckin’ brilliant guys, I’m so impressed with the counterpoint and harmony/melody interaction. Not over the top or anything. Awesome


AFI- “Halloween”

Have fun this Halloween. Remember, if someone puts toothpaste or sugar-free gum in your candy bag, kick over their garden gnome on the way out.


Living Colour-“Glamour Boys”

Never get tired of these dudes. That f$#$#$#$#$#$ bass line!!!!!!!!!


Just for laughs

Having a bad day? Watch lol


The Smashing Pumpkins-“Tonight, Tonight”

Truly one of the greatest songs ever written.


RIP Lou Reed

This is not what I wanted to hear when I woke up this morning, Lou, that you had left us. I miss you already.

Bodyjar’s “Role Model” album: A Review


Bodyjar is one of those bands that know how to write a good song. You know those kinds of songs that hook you and you keep singing the chorus over and over again? The truth is, these dudes from Australia sound only like them, and that is impressive. How many bands can you say truly have their own unique sound? Cameron Baines (lead vox/guitar) and crew have been making punk music fans in their homeland and abroad (remember, I’m a Yank) pump their fists in the air for so many years. Bodyjar truly made a name for themselves as legends of the Aussie punk scene, and eventually I got to hear them and they forever became a part of my life.

One day, though, the band decided to say goodbye.

I was devastated. These guys were there in some rough times for me.

But they came back.

“Role Model” is a return to the tone that made them famous (their previous album, “Bodyjar,” was a departure from that sound…but it kicked ass too). Fast and solid rhythm in the drums, soaring hooks in the vocals, memorable guitar licks, and locked in bass lines. I have listened to this album numerous times, and tried to compare it against their previous work, and man these guys may even be better than ever. That time away allowed for other projects, and most likely a rejuvenation of the creative energy. Every single track has its own unique take on the original sound, yet the album flows with the utmost continuity. By the end of the album, you have a huge smile on your face because you know you spent your time wisely listening to “Role Model.”

Punk and melody are not two things you always see together, but Bodyjar has always set themselves apart by this combination. They are phenomenal musicians, and write about life as it happens. No one can teach you how to play life, and you feel that they have lived every millisecond of the words in these tracks.

You will not be wasting your money with a purchase of this record. Even if you have never listened to them before, pick a copy up of “Role Model” and see why it is such a huge deal for these bros from Australia to be back.

Guys, welcome back. What a wonderful thing it is to have you back.

Bodyjar can be found at: and