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Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys

oh yes.


Heaven’s Basement-“Fire Fire”

I got NHL 14 for Christmas (I’m a huge hockey fan, Ducks for my whole life…took crap for that in school. Oh well Kings, we got the Cup first). ANYWAYS, this song is on that OST, and I am blown away by how good it is. This band kicks MAJOR culo. haha, listen!


Bad Brains-“I Against I”

I mean, I did write a well-known paper on hardcore punk…so no secret I love it it 😉

These guys kick ass.


Motley Crue calls it quits

Boys, it was one hell of a run. Thanks for the good times and the stuff we could all party to.


R.I.P. Pete Seeger

You lived a full life that impacted the world in a way we all wish we could. I actually auditioned for UCLA and your ethnomusicologist nephew Anthony was on the panel (of two) who determined if I was worthy of the school. Turns out I was. I know that he got his kind heart from being around a man such as yourself. It was extremely brave to take the stances you did in a time that my country was filled with such overt racism (although we have learned little since then sadly). In any case, you used music not as a weapon,but as a vehicle of peace and equality. You didn’t care what society thought of you, instead you told the story of how things really were. That took guts, guts many of us do not have. I know that even in your old age you still would walk at protests and stayed active, because you knew that the fight had yet to be won. It would not be won until each human could truly look into each other’s eyes and see a sibling. It still has yet to be accomplished, but we have a legacy to go off of. And for that, we thank you.


Nine Inch Nails-“The Hand that Feeds”

So I really looked forward to NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham, and Dave Grohl closing the shit fest that is the GRAMMYS. Of course, CBS goes and cuts the performance off while allowing idiot presenters ramble on in an attempt to be funny (newsflash they weren’t). Trent Reznor had this to say about that, “Music’s biggest night… to be disrespected. A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys.” Amen dude. Fuck this industry insult to great artists. 100 percent.


Happy Birthday Eddie Van Halen

God knows what I would have pursued as a career had I never heard your playing as an early teen. Basket weaving? Bomb defusal? Whatever, all I know is that my life wouldn’t be the same without you bro.