music is life, music is breath, music is us


New solo guitar song “Absolute Zero”

I always wanted to do a song like this, where it is only me playing guitar and exploring the creative pathways of my mind. I got the idea to do something like this from Steve Vai’s “Rescue Me or Bury Me.” In that song, he takes a long solo break where he just breathes life into his guitar. That solo break had such an impact on me as a young guitarist when I was just learning my chops on my own. Unlike that song, however, “Absolute Zero” is one long guitar part, rather than a solo as a part of a larger work (so this is as live as a recording can get). I did this in one take, no editing parts together via splicing. This is literally me and only me at my rawest point, where I discover who I really am as a musician. It is ambitious, it is avant-garde, and it may very well be insane.

I will leave that for you to decide.

The freedom I found in recording this was invigorating as I can find myself at times backed into a wall creatively. So now I present myself to you, with only my guitar and my ideas. I hope you can accept them in totality.


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