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Archive for March, 2014


Caleidra-“Start Again”

Caleidra’s helped my career by sharing my music on her radio program, but she has also become a friend to me. I know her music is taking her places, and I’m glad to say that I interviewed her, and in some way maybe helped her out.


OneRepublic-“Feel Again”

To be able to feel again is the best feeling of all. You know?


New song: “Vortex”

A song I composed for numerous instruments (bass, synth, Tibetan cymbals and a whole host of other stuff) and play guitar on. This is a really avant-garde work here, like Steve Vai and Radiohead meeting Steve Reich and Harry Partch at a bowling alley for shots of whiskey (now put THAT image in your head). It shifts from rock to, well, I’m not even sure what (outer-space maybe?). You’ll either hate it or love it, ain’t going to be much middle-ground here!


Derek Kortepeter-“Light Within”

I am still so proud of the work I did on this song. The instruments I composed for, the guitar work I did, and the overall feeling just was magical. While I am always proud of good work from my imagination, this song will always be special to me. It was, after-all, the first song I ever posted on Youtube. 🙂


(New Band) Vienna-“Desperation”

These guys also contacted me recently (I’m just that popular). Consisting of members Shawn Vaughan (Guitar/Vocals/Keys), Ben Fearnside (Guitar/Drums/Backing Vocals), and Brent Wassell (Bass/Backing Vocals), this rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota knows groove and driving rock extremely well. They blend styles and sounds effortlessly, no doubt a nod to their influences (which include Muse, The Killers, Fun., Passion Pit, and Walk the Moon). I promise this song ,and this band, are worth your time. Have I ever steered you wrong before?


Kue Thomas-“Only You.prd.mix (Feat. Vince King)”

Kue Thomas-“Only You.prd.mix (Feat. Vince King)”

An obviously multi-talented guy, Kue is the producer/songwriter/arranger for some really great music by tons of different artists. An artist sometimes is only as good as the people they have behind them, and this is the case here.Kue contacted me recently with his stuff and I was blown away. Just listen to the groove in this track!!!


The Ones You Loved- “Apogee”

Twitter can be a colossal waste of time, but sometimes it has its uses. The Ones You Loved got in touch with me via DM on Twitter, and it turns out they have a really amazing sound. It’s kind of Duran Duran meets The Killers, and you know I’m a sucker for awesome synth rock. The vocals, the hooks, the drums, the guitar, the bass…OK take a breath…are all really tight and well thought out. I am pleasantly surprised. The Ones You Loved are actually competing for a spot on Vans Warped Tour, and if you like their music as much as I do, you should vote for them here