music is life, music is breath, music is us


New song: “I Thought I Never Needed Anyone/Glimpses”

This song is a result of many different songs, many different ideas I had coming together at the right moment. I had a moment of clarity in how I wanted to approach things musically and was able to put it all together after a dry patch of writing songs featuring my voice. I suppose there is a certain amount of vulnerability when I sing, I’m not totally used to just putting myself out there on display like that. In this case, I sing and play all instrument synth/piano effects (everything you hear is the result of my playing and my computer working together in my design). The lyrics are interesting. When I first wrote them, in their first draft, I was thinking of a love song cut and dry. A few drafts later, there is enough thematic material that you can allow for interpretations of your own. For me, it’s still about a girl, and it is also about me. About “me” as a human being, looking introspectively, which for some reason works here? There are many influences on my song-writing, but I think with this track I found the greatest inspiration in Radiohead (especially songs off of “In Rainbows” and “Amnesiac”). I know full well my music is not meant to reach a broad audience, it is very eccentric/experimental (yet at times approachable), so receive it how you will. Listening to it once, just giving it a chance, means something to me and I thank you for it.

Ice cold veins
Woken by light
Static frequency
Broken into the day
Grasp my hand
This fear will break
You can say I feel
But numb
Where do I belong?
I thought
I never needed this
I thought
I never needed anyone
The lies and the truths
Each pave their way
Intersecting in the paths
Of our minds
Within us
Don’t run away
It’s just me


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