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Joseph Brown’s Jazz Videoverse

I was recently contacted by a guy named Joseph Brown from Encore Music Lessons who identified himself as a person passionate for music education. His particular area of focus relates to jazz and he showed me a cool resource he published on various components to jazz. The resource (called the “Videoverse”) is in essence a video compendium of performances, interviews, and other videos (as well as written analyses) pertaining to numerous performers and influencers of jazz. As a lover of jazz (as both musician and academic), I found the Videoverse to be highly thorough and well-organized. The large (and I mean LARGE) amount of videos will keep you busy for a while, but I think anyone who loves jazz or might be looking to understand the genius of jazz masters better will be encouraged by what they find. It is clear that Joseph put a great deal of effort into making this catalogue of jazz masters and it shows.

The link for the main page is:

Notable entries for the Videoverse include:

I hope you enjoy perusing the vast amount of resources available in this compendium. I think you will benefit from it.


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