music is life, music is breath, music is us

The Day That Time Froze

As an American, no day stands out in my mind quite like today. The memories and footage seem to set themselves on an infinite loop.

The explosions.

The billows of smoke, fire, and ash.

The slowly weakening cries for help.

Today in 2001 the very fires of hell came to earth on what seemed to everyone like a normal day. September 11th was a day that people went to work, went to the park, played music in the street, and ultimately lived life as normal.

What soon came was the furthest from normal.

We can never wash our minds of that day, nor should we ever. The loss of life, innocent and beautiful life, was something that should have never occurred. What further compounded the tragedy was how that day became a tool for seemingly everyone’s agenda.



Conspiracy theorists.


Somewhere along the way the very people who spent their final moments deciding if they should try to escape or just wait for the end became forgotten. I saw my close childhood friends and their families (of Arab descent) get continuously treated like dirt (via strangers blaming them for an act that was not theirs). I saw people become paranoid about things that did not warrant concern. I saw the world, from governments to regular citizens, change for the worse. There was a sense of oneness for a millisecond, but that oneness was replaced by hate and rage…ignorance and brainwashing…propaganda and violations of basic human rights.

Ultimately, the significance of the lives lost became lost.

I do this every anniversary of 9/11 so that the memory of those who perished may always live on. They met their end in the most violent of ways, how we could forget is truly baffling. I wrote this song for choir and orchestra on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 to comfort the mourning, to give light to the dark, and to honor the sacred lives taken from us that day. It may not bring the child their parent back, the lover their beloved back, the sibling their brother or sister back…but it at the very least is my offering in honor of them. The pain does not heal, the tears do not dry, but hopefully it honors those who left, and those who yearn for them. If my song does anything I hope that it speaks a humble prayer filled with love for all affected by this day.

“I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now”



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