music is life, music is breath, music is us

Derek Kortepeter: “Solar Flare”

I released this a while back, actually one year ago on New Year’s Day. As you know, I have a diverse range of music interests from rock to classical to jazz to electronic/downtempo/ambient. This song really illustrates my electronic influences from people like Thievery Corporation, the Crystal Method and Jean-Michel Jarre. 9 minutes long, it was a really powerful experience to write it. The notes just pulsed in my brain, and once the computer transmitted what my keyboard was playing, something really incredible happened. Experiences like that are why I write music. You really can’t describe it, it is quite frankly a moment in time where you are out of your body and also completely focused. You are taken somewhere that goes beyond words. I guess that is why music exists, to communicate via sound waves something that cannot be translated to anything verbal. I described the song as so when I released it:

“In a moment of inspiration I wrote this today. I knew that the piece needed to be of an electronic strain, and eventually I created this as a result. It evokes a certain other-worldliness, as some of my pieces do from time to time. Step into my world for a while, and feel free to stay as long as you like.”

I plan on creating and releasing so much more music, but sometimes I have to reflect. The year is at an end, and I reflect on everything I have done musically in 2014. Maybe in 2015 I’ll start an electronic/ambient album that is entirely my keyboard synthesized with my computer. Who knows? The great thing with music is that it’ll take you places you never planned on going. Happy Holidays.



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