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For Memorial Day…Dropkick Murphys “The Green Fields of France”

My ancestors (great-grandfathers in WWI, great uncle and great-great uncle in WWII) left war as soldiers who had many emotional and physical scars. They did escape with their lives, however, many of the men they served alongside with did not (although my great-grandpa Claude died young at 50 from lung cancer…he never smoked…but he did inhale the gas in the trenches). I listen to this song a lot, and though it relates more to WWI, it is always applicable for any fallen soldier (or anyone else killed) on Memorial Day. I cry often when I hear it, thinking about the bombs and bullets and mustard gas that my family saw murder their friends in combat…not to mention the unspeakable things my government had them do without caring for the consequences. The part that always gets me in the song, every damn time, are the lyrics:

“The sun shining down on these green fields of France
The warm wind blows gently and the red poppies dance
The trenches have vanished long under the plow
No gas, no barbed wire, no guns firing now
But here in this graveyard that’s still no mans land
The countless white crosses in mute witness stand
To man’s blind indifference to his fellow man
And a whole generation were butchered and damned”

War is hell, and nobody wins in it the end. I honor the fallen not for patriotism, not for a cause, but simply because each loss of life to war is one too many.


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  1. Great post.

    May 25, 2015 at 12:51 pm

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