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In which current events lead me to make music…

“From Beirut to Paris the world is turning to ashes.”

This quote is what I said the day of the Paris attacks, and a day after the bombings in Beirut. Current events don’t always make me write music, but something compelled me this time. A synth work composed and performed with Rev by Output, it signifies mourning. Ashes. Dust. What massacres like these leave behind.

From Beirut to Paris the world is turning to ashes.

I have no hope when I look at the world. Not anymore. But for some reason we have to hold onto hope. I don’t why. But we just do. What do you see, especially now, when you look at the world? What do you see today?

Album Review: MO-DU “MOD01”


My reviews on this site aren’t as frequent as I would like because I only review submitted music I think is worth hearing. Additionally I find no point in giving negative press to fledgling artists. Thankfully I have another artist to pass onto you, in hopes you experience it for yourselves.

MOD01 is an album from the Prague-based electronic artist Jan Jiskra who performs under the name MO-DU when not with his other group Neden. MOD01 explores the experimental/atmospheric nature of ambient music and electronic music from the Berlin School (which contains artists like Tangerine Dream).

Composed and performed entirely by the artist on analog synths, sequencers and more, MOD01 delivers the mental escape that this genre is so well-known for creating. It isn’t an escape entirely, however, as you are still challenged to pick apart the multiple layers of the works found on the record. The tracks slowly build on the melodic material (which to my delight utilizes a variety of scale patterns) until there is a grand finish.

As it is with most music in this genre, you probably want to find a quiet place to experience it. It commands your full attention, and it is worth the time. If you are looking for something different or are already a fan of Berlin School-esque artists, give MOD01 a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

MOD01 can be found at