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Here we are, another mass shooting. The biggest in US history. This time the target was the LGBT community who have had to face hate-filled rhetoric in this country for too long. Frankly our politicians are lazy and indifferent, yet they have the audacity to Tweet “Thoughts and Prayers” to victims they couldn’t care less for. If they cared they would have been taking action to stop shit like this. Fuck your insincere prayers you megalomaniacs; they are simply hollow words at this point. Gun violence is beyond anything we can fathom in America at this point. Instead asking your gods to do something, why don’t YOU try doing something since you have the power to do so. Fuck your lobbyists. Fuck your special interest groups. Fuck your kickbacks. If you don’t lift a finger to stop violence you don’t deserve to hold public office. I’m pissed. I’m done with an ineffective government feigning empathy for something that can be prevented.


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  1. I agree that this horrendous, but in this case they had lifted a finger. They interviewed this shooter twice, in prior years, and both times he was deemed not a threat. So they knew about him and were watching him. Very unfortunately, this happened anyway, and it just makes us all sick and horrified.

    June 13, 2016 at 11:48 am

    • Law enforcement did, sure, but not politicians. All the time, from municipal to state to federal levels of government, politicians from all sides talk about ending gun violence here. The talk is just that…talk. So my post was, admittedly, a furious condemnation of political gridlock. After events like these in the developed world most nations (Australia etc.) take logical and effective steps to end mass shootings. In the US it isn’t the case. I have no problem with gun ownership, but this complex issue needs to move beyond arguing and towards laws to reduce these attacks.

      June 14, 2016 at 6:38 am

      • Full agreement from here, the system is broken. As a Canadian, when I read new of how many gun-related attacks there are every year in the U.S. every year, it honestly turns my stomach. I’m not aware enough of all the dynamics or anywhere near smart enough to begin to parse my way towards a suggestion of a solution. Usually it’s just this overwhelming urge to just ask everyone to knock it off and be cool, you know? And like THAT has ever worked before.

        June 15, 2016 at 12:24 pm

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