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Trash N’ Clean releases new video for single “Razorblade”

Hey guys, you remember my review of the awesome Italian punk group Trash N’ Clean? Well the guys have released a new video for their song Razorblade. It features the great punk sound you expect from them, as well as their sense of humor.This is definitely in the vain of early blink-182 videos like What’s My Age Again and Josie. You’ll see what I mean 😉

Here is some background on the video:


“The video was shot completely live at a big private party called Lord of Spring. These crazy party monsters hired us to perform live at their event, and when we looked at the videos of their previous years’ parties, we thought that it would be absolutely sick to shoot the music video for our song Razorblade there

Razorblade is an absolute dumb song that talks about a stunning woman, who only needs some extra trimming down there for being simply perfect. We love the song for what it is, and only an even more stupid music video could have been appropriate for it.”


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