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“Monday 1” by New Tendencies

Monday 1 is a track from New Tendencies’ album Missed Month that is for deep fans of electronic music that leans towards the avant-garde, as well as glitch. There is no defining melody, but rather a coalescence of various tones via modular synth over a malleable beat. I still think it is worth a listen if you are into more experimental sounds.




Album Review: “Æsthēsis” by tilde~


Ambient and glitch music comes in all forms. Most think of large sweeping arrangements that push you into a proverbial cosmos of sound. The other side to this is where Australia’s tilde (real name Rhys Channing) comes in. With his record Æsthēsis, the composer creates a smaller scale of sound that is almost like traveling through an endless hallway. The hallway is filled with complex rhythmic and melodic overlapping, as well as countless multi-dimensional sound effects. If you jumped into a wormhole, somehow I imagine it would feel much like how Æsthēsis sounds.

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Album review: Losing Landscapes by Chelsey and the Noise


One of the most interesting trends in music right now is the resurgence of electronic music like that of the trip-hop golden years (i.e. the 90s). One problem I notice, however, is that the radio is becoming absolutely saturated with these electronic groups and only a few stand out from the crowd. What should an electronic group do so that they aren’t typecast as “just another indie electronic act?”

Enter Chelsey and the Noise with their EP Losing Landscapes. Described in their bio as utilizing “deep analog synths, glitch inspired beats, and aggressive vocals to create a darker breed of electronic music,” this duo of Chelsey Hice and Brent “the Noise” Watters creates a much needed fresh take on the electronic genre. 

The album is dark and infectious melodically. The instrumentals are well-composed, the vocals are extremely unique, and ultimately the songs have an immense amount of artistry behind them. Losing Landscapes is kind of like early Nine Inch Nails meets Phantogram and the Cure. It is the 80s, 90s, and modern era of alternative, industrial, and electronic music rolled into one EP.

Chelsey and the Noise is such a breath of fresh air amongst all of the copy-cat acts that are arising in the indie-electronic scene. This duo from the Bay Area is absolutely worth your time.

Losing Landscapes can be found at:

Album Review: Eli “Dream Dimensions”


I always am on the lookout for music that is different. Especially with the current climate of the music industry, it is really hard for “different” artists to be found anywhere except in the fringes. With this website, I try to bring people you should hear out in the open because they need a space to be featured outside the mainstream media.

The artist in this case is Eli, an electronic artist from Madison, Wisconsin. His new album Dream Dimensions is an expression of creating new from scratch and also existing materials. The sound of Eli is a blend of original sounds/instrumental lines (such as cello) with sampling of other artists (whom he gives credit to when necessary). The thing is, with pre-existing sounds, he isn’t sampling as much as he is creating from a foundation. The samples are made anew and you can’t really call them a remix as the sounds are unique unto Eli’s own artistic palate.

Dream Dimensions is an exploration in looping, downtempo, glitch, and avant-garde sounds combining to make a product that exercises your mind. You are always thinking as you hear the music and the more you think the more you enjoy it. There are so many subtleties (rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically) that you always discover something new with each listen.

In case you can’t tell, I really like this record. Eli has written and produced an album that is a fantastic listen. I think if you like Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, or Tangerine Dream you will find Dream Dimensions worth your time.

Dream Dimensions can be downloaded at