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Album Review: “Making Noise” by Mitch Malloy


I don’t know how often I’ve said this on my site, but I consider Van Halen to be one of my all-time greatest musical influences. Those of you who know Van Halen likely know the reputation of the band to be rather notorious for having numerous lead singers.

Officially these singers are David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Gary Cherone. There is another singer that I only discovered recently, however, thanks to the beauty of YouTube. After listening to a demo from the Van Halen III sessions, I was recommended a video for a song called “It’s The Right Time” that was recorded by a brilliant singer named Mitch Malloy.

I was blown away that I had never, in all my years of being obsessed with this band, known of this guy! After Sammy was booted out of the band, Mitch was actually the guy on point to do a new record with the band. For various reasons, which are detailed in the video below, Mitch chose to leave the project.

After some correspondence with Mitch, who is a super chill dude, I decided to review his most recent record Making Noise. I gotta tell you folks, the first thing that comes to mind when listening to this album is KICK ASS. The songs are pure, high-adrenaline hard rock that have soaring melodies and brilliant musicianship.

The central point of the record is Mitch’s powerful voice. It’s no wonder why Eddie Van Halen told Mitch that he was the “best fucking singer” he’d ever heard. Malloy’s tone is pristine and also aggressive, and his range is simply mind-blowing.

The songs themselves leave you in a state of euphoria that good rock n’ roll should always create. You can hear the meticulous work that Mitch put into writing Making Noise and his attention to detail shows. The production is top notch and the instruments sound fantastic.

This record is so much more than simply Making Noise. It is a proclamation that rock is still alive and well, no matter what the radio DJs (or Gene Simmons) might be saying. You are left at the end of the album feeling so damn good and it is a high that only the best rock can give you.

Get this record if you value true rock n’ roll, you won’t be disappointed.

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Album Review: BISHOP’s “Hate Wide Open”


I’m always looking for fresh new music to review for this site. I always prefer to pay attention when I write reviews to artists you may not know, but should. I was recently contacted by an Albany, NY rock trio named BISHOP who kindly gave me a press access download to their newest release Hate Wide Open. Formed in 1998, the band describes themselves as a “power trio,” consisting of brothers: Tom Semeraro (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Rocco Semeraro (Drums, Vocals), and Vinny Padula (Bass, Vocals).

Hate Wide Open is a heavy record from start to finish. It punches you in the mouth with crushing drums, thunderous bass, chunky de-tuned chords in the rhythm guitar, and fiery solos in the lead guitar. Every song is a blast of a ton of different working parts that flow like great rock should. Sonically this album reminds of a mix between Helmet, Agnostic Front, and the Stone Temple Pilots. You want head banging? You’ve got it in Hate Wide Open. You want strong musicianship? You’ve got it in Hate Wide Open. You want a message with your heavy rock? You’ve got it in Hate Wide Open.

bishopThe album’s thematic material should be understood through the philosophical lens of lead vocalist Tom Semeraro. He states that “we are now witness to the “Hate, Wide, Open” that exists in our world today. We have the power to reverse this trend and move back toward a time of creativity, enlightenment, and human progress. Join together, voice and hand and make a difference.” As long as it is sincere, I am always for message driven music. I tend to hold a pretty cynical view of society, but I describe it as a “cynical idealism” that, given the right circumstances, people can foster social change. Epic music that drives you to feel every note in your bones is made that much better (in this case) with a uniting, observant message.

10801668_10152660505433300_4778333091608258265_nBISHOP is a band that has clearly honed their craft. They understand each other as one musical unit, never overpowering each other. The result is an aggressive, methodical, and enticing sound. I yearn for rock music to kick my ass, and BISHOP certainly has. I’m glad that these guys got in touch with me, and I am happy to recommend Hate Wide Open. The album can be purchased here ( and I don’t think that fans of straightforward hard rock will be disappointed.

Standout tracks: “Awaken,” “Free Fall,” “Neverland”

BISHOP can be found at: