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EP Review: “Dream in Color” by Erin Pellnat


Brooklyn-based musician Erin Pellnat has a diverse musical pallet. In describing her EP Dream in Color to me, she described the record as ranging from “flavorful acoustic, to accordion waltz, to Bossa Nova.”

Artists that refuse to be placed in a singular box always catch my attention and Erin is no exception. This four track EP is a radio-friendly collection of songs that manage to display the utmost artistic expression.

The hooks are infectious, the lyrics are imaginative, and the arrangements are a perfect blend in each track. Erin’s voice is fantastic and a main draw to these songs. It is a perfect vehicle to deliver memorable melodies over intricate harmonies.

With top-notch songwriting and musicality, it’s hard to find any fault in this EP. I highly recommend it.

Dream in Color can be found at

SOULEYE: “Follow Your Heart”

I may be a cynical bastard in general (lol), but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying music that is exuding pure joy and positivity. SOULEYE’s track “Follow Your Heart” does just that. An infectious blend of electronic and rap influence, SOULEYE has a very welcoming sound. In some ways his music reminds me of Matisyahu, but that is just a personal feeling. In any case, I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was with this track.

SOULEYE can be found at