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Album Review: “The Landing Zone” by Ujjaya


As music makers we have many different approaches of creating our art. One path that some have opted for is the realm of spiritual practice. Music derived from this path can often be fascinating. Even to those not on a spiritual path there is great value in this music.

Enter the world that is the live recorded album The Landing Zone. Created by Ujjaya (aka Hery Randriambololona), a “French ethno-ambient musician with Malagasy roots,” this record is a calming injection of ambient music as well as ambient natural sounds. The record is a meditative journey through a vast number of instruments and beautiful looping arrangements.

Ujjaya came up with the inspiration for his music via “his yoga practice and of his travel through Asia for spiritual purposes.” I may be on a different spiritual path than Ujjaya, but I felt his music on more than just simply a cerebral level. It is an album that is more of an experience than it is a background music like ambient can sometimes become. I truly think there is something of value here for everyone.

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Bach Cantata BWV147 / Yo-Yo Ma, Ton Koopman

With Christmas upon us, I felt Bach was a necessary addition to Mixolydian. This season has spiritual significance for me (admittedly my spiritual life is a tad complicated to begin with haha). This song, whoever you are, can touch your heart. That is the beauty of Bach.