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Album Review: “New Day” by Flyjack


The Austin, Texas band Flyjack considers their record New Day to be “a love letter to late 60’s and early 70’s rare groove, soul and deep funk.” There certainly is a throw-back to these eras, especially with the opening track, on this record. There is also, however, a modern approach that show Flyjack’s own musical sensibilities that is full of unbridled love for music and social justice. The record is a groove-fest (especially with the drums and bass) that also touches on issues of racial and gender inequality here in the United States that our society often ignores.

The psychedelic angle of New Day is a welcome return to an era where music was legit, but the band also gives their own approach. New Day is a fun ride.

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An Interview with Singer Joyce Sims



(Some time ago I was introduced to the music of Joyce Sims. She has had much experience in the club world getting her music played, but never quite got the crossover that she truly deserved. She’s back and fighting. I dig it, you should dig it to. Have fun-Derek)

Derek Kortepeter: So first off, tell me about your new single “Tonight?” I really enjoy the groove and it is pretty catchy, what went into creating it?

Joyce Sims: My new single “Tonight” is an up – tempo, R&B/Dance track with a touch of soul. It was my first time doing a co-write and working with a new producer. We went in the studio and started to vibe off of each other. I wanted to create a song that had a catchy hook and told a little love story. What you hear in “Tonight” is our finished product.


D.K.: What would you say is your perspective is now as an artist compared to when “Come Into My Life” was released? How have you grown musically or otherwise?

J.S.: My Perspective as an Artist now is that I’m in control of my career. When my first album “Come Into My Life” was release the record label controlled almost everything pertaining to my music. Now I run my own label “August Rose Records” and I make the decisions from the song choice to the producers. I have a great team of people working with me as well. I couldn’t do all the work that is in involved in releasing a record by myself.


D.K.: Who would you consider to be influences for you musically? Who inspires you to keep going when the creative rivers runs dry?

J.S.: Stevie Wonder is one of my biggest musical influences. His music is timeless.So much soul and his message is universal. Everyday living inspires me to write, and supplies me with all the stories I need to be inspired.

D.K.: How does one navigate the music industry nowadays? I know so many artists that struggle because it seems like every second you turn around and everything has imploded. How do you keep with the shifting tides of this difficult industry?

J.S.: I think to navigate in the music industry today you need a good plan and stick to it. I think more important than anything is having a passion for what you are doing. Technology has afforded many Artist the opportunities record and market their own music. I trick is to educate yourself to the services available to you, and surround yourself with a great team of people who are all plugging for you.


D.K.:  Where do you want your music to be heard, solely in a club setting or beyond as a cross-over?

J.S.: I want my music to be heard everywhere. Music is universal and I want my music heard all over the universe.

D.K.:  So the UK is your workplace of choice nowadays. How does the experience affect you differently than being in the States?

J.S.: Recording in the UK is cool. When I’m in the UK time is a factor. In the recording studio I know I only have so much time to get the tracks done. I think I’m more focused and excited about working with new people. In the states I’m a little more laid back because I’m home.

D.K.: Do you have any advice for up and coming singers?

J.S.: My advice for up and coming singers is to learn your craft and take care of the business. Do a lot of networking, meeting that one right person can change your life. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your vision. Be unique to who you are, and develop your own style.


D.K.: Do you have a specific formula for music creation, or does it sort of flow out of your consciousness?

J.S.: I don’t have a specific method to my writing, but I always stick to the title of the song and build my story around it.

D.K.: What else can we expect from you in the coming months?

J.S.: In the coming months I’ll be back in the UK promoting my new single “Tonight”. I will also return to the recording studio to finish my forth-coming album for release in 2014. I’ll be shooting the video for the new single as well.

D.K.: Anything else you would like to say before this interview ends?

J.S.: Thank you so much for supporting my music. Peace & Blessings.

Joyce can be found at