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Jake Aldridge – Fireman feat. Lisa Ambrose

I’ve featured Suffolk-based Jake Aldridge’s music numerous times here before. This newest single may very well be his best yet. It’s absolutely brilliant guys, from the melodies to the verses, I mean it :).


The Only Way I Know by Savvy aka Asaviour

“The Only Way I know is a relentless ode to never giving in.
Pushing until you feel you have nothing left, and then picking yourself
up again and pushing until your heart bursts.”

These are the words of Savvy aka Asaviour when describing his new track “The Only Way I Know.” The description fits, as the song is a pulsating, loud, driving, grooving monster of a track that shows off Savvy’s multi-dimensional songwriting and performing abilities. I always love to see what the UK rap scene is up to, and Savvy does not disappoint.

Jake Aldridge-“Illogical”

I’ve featured Suffolk-based rapper and R&B artist Jake Aldridge before on this site. He’s got a new track out that is a solid bet for the radio or the clubs. The verses are crisp and the hook has a memorable melody. I highly recommend you check it out.